Car Finance & Loans

This calculator will help you to understand your repayment amount, adjust the term and loan amount to meet your budget. Work out how much you can afford every month with our preferred motor loan provider.

Loan Amount
Loan Period
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Buying your dream car

Fast decision

Our preferred car finance providers will give you a quick reply to your loan request.

No security required

Our preferred car finance providers give you car loans that are unsecured.

Up to seven years repayment

Our preferred car finance providers even give you fixed repayment amount at a fixed rate of interest.

Full amount finance

Our preferred car finance providers may also lend you the full amount of your purchase.


Always have your id card and together with your evidence of income (FS3) or last 3 months payslips. For self employed, Normally they will ask for tax returns.

Early repayment fees

Our preferred car loan provider does not penalise you for early or additional repayments ( These will not be subject to early repayment fees.)
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