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Peugeots Carbon Sink Programme: Protecting our planets resources

Published: 22 April 2014

PEUGEOT-ONF Forestry Carbon Sink in the Amazon:14th Scientific and Technical Committee meeting at Chapada dos Guimarães. A project of great modernity, always evolving.

“PEUGEOT, a responsible brand committed towards the global reduction of its CO2 footprint: decreasing emissions due to best in class engines, acceleration of the atmospheric CO2 absorption within the PEUGEOT-ONF forestry carbon sink in the Amazon”. The 14th PEUGEOT-ONF Carbon Sink Scientific and Technical Committee meeting was held between April 7th and 9th at Chapada dos Guimarães, in the state of Mato-Grosso. An occasion to review and look toward the future of the long term environmental and scientific project, which forges new links regionally, nationally and internationally with the PETRA program (Experimental Platform for the Management of Rural Territories of the Amazon).
The IPCC report, the PEUGEOT-ONF forestry carbon sink, and the fuel consumption record established by the PEUGEOT 308 1.2 litre Pure Tech: three cases, just one issue
The 14th PEUGEOT-ONF forestry carbon sink scientific and technical meeting was held with the ink on the latest IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel of Experts on Climate Changes) report still wet.
PEUGEOT endorsed the assertions of the IPCC experts: “to combat climate change it is necessary to reduce emissions at source and drastically reduce the consumption of fossil fuels on the one hand, and on the other hand, to activate every possible carbon sink” (the notion of a “Carbon Sink” covering any natural or physical system which nominally absorbs more carbon than it produces).
As evidence:
- With average CO2 emissions of 155 g/km for its new vehicles sold in Europe in 2013, PEUGEOT was on the podium of the automotive brands in Europe regarding the control of their carbon footprint. Recently, in Spain, a PEUGEOT 308 fitted with a 3-cylinder 1.2 litre Pure Tech petrol engine established a fuel consumption record by travelling1,810 km on one tank of fuel, equal to 2.85 l/100 (99.1 mpg).
- By continuing with numerous Brazilian and French partners, PEUGEOT and the ONF’s forestry carbon sink project in the Brazilian Amazon offers the international scientific community a tool that allows the existing relationship between reforestation, sequestration of atmospheric carbon and climate regulation to be confirmed.
In this way, PEUGEOT is connecting with future generations, by being the only car maker in the world to have initiated a complete “upstream-downstream” policy on the control of CO2 emissions and climatic change.
Intensification of the storage of atmospheric carbon in the forest ecosystem
The Scientific and Technical Committee presented the results of carbon storage in the plantation area of the project. In total, 2,000,000 trees of more than 50 different native species have been reintroduced in a plantation zone of almost 2,000 hectares.
In total to date, this growing forestry ecosystem has stored 384 ,655 tonnes of CO2. Even more interesting, during the 2013 exercise, acceleration in the storage capacity of the arrangement was noted, with a total of 52,521 tonnes of CO2 in just one year.
The Natural Heritage Reserve: a nugget to cherish
Furthermore, recognising its intrinsic value, the Scientific and Technical Committee suggested that the scientific exploitation of the Natural Heritage Private Reserve (Réserve Privée du Patrimoine Naturel
– RPPN), created in November 2009 be accelerated. This latter covers an area of 1,800 hectares with a very rich biodiversity (essentially a riverside forest) with 7,000 hectares of natural forest also included in this project. The purpose of this sanctuary space is to be an indicator of the natural functioning of the Amazonian tropical rainforest. PEUGEOT and the ONF only develop activities there that are of a scientific or educational nature.
PETRA: the PEUGEOT-ONF carbon sink at the heart of a regional, bilateral and international dynamic
In November 2012, PEUGEOT, the ONF and the FFEM (Fonds Français pour l’Environnement Mondial - French Funding for the Worldwide Environment) announced an agreement under the aegis of the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs to initiate the PETRA (Plateforme Expérimentale de Gestion des Territoires Ruraux d’Amazonie - Experimental Platform for the Management of the Rural Territories of the Brazilian Amazon), which uses the PEUGEOT-ONF forestry carbon sink as a resource platform and a benchmark for the development of initiatives aimed at reconciling economic activities and maintaining the forest cover in the rural areas of the Brazilian Amazon.
Around twenty French and Brazilian organisations, governmental, private, universities and the world of research, took part in the first PETRA Scientific Committee meeting, modelled on the PEUGEOT-ONF carbon sink, which took place in parallel with the PEUGEOT-ONF Carbon Sink Scientific and Technical Committee meeting.
More than fifty experts, French and Brazilian, but African as well, took part in this work demonstrating the strong appeal and exemplary role of the initial project founded by PEUGEOT and the ONF in 1998 with joint commitment for its continuation until 2038.

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