Preparing for your listing

What to prepare for your listing?

If you’ve decided to sell your car, you might decide to pay for a classified ad in an old-fashioned ‘vehicles for sale’ column in a local newspaper, or take advantage of a free advert online. Either way, you want your listing to be on message, and as effective as possible.

Consult’s online ads. Compare your car with others in its class. Other areas of comparison should be mileage, model and general condition. Also consider whether you car is still in demand, and if it is still in active production.

Set the price. Getting your asking price right is half the battle, as far as your listing goes. Nothing will diffuse interest more catastrophically than a misguided asking price. Getting the figure right is something of an art form. There are, however, a number of steps that you can take to ensure that you make an educated decision Gauge the market. Look for what sort of price your model commands at second-hand dealerships.Factor in depreciation. Forecast how well the car is expected to hold its value over the next three years, as that has a bearing on demand in the present.

Write the ad. A classified ad, in print or online, is all about packing in the maximum amount of relevant information into the fewest words possible. You need to know which details to ‘spend’ your words on, and which information should be glossed over or left out altogether. Here are some pointers:

Exact make, model and year. This is where you include ALL the details... don’t be generic.

Mileage. Be transparent, a car’s mileage will be the buyer’s first question anyway, especially if you don’t include it.

Number of owners.

Colour. A key consideration for most buyers.

VRT status. A certified car will reassure prospective buyers.

Photography. While this might not always be feasible in print, online ads are especially effective because they can easily feature images. Utilise up to nine pictures – if it comes down to just one, use a front-three quarter perspective.

Service history. If you can, lightly outline the care given to the vehicle.
Features/Extras. Just as big a selling point for second hand cars as they are for new ones.

Reason for selling. Being transparent about your motives will reassure the buyer that you’re not trying to unload a lemon. 

Prepare to show off your car. Once the Ad is out, you might have to respond to any interest on very short notice. You want to have your car spick and span before you ‘go public’. Investing a day in giving your car a 
makeover can add hundreds of Euros to your take-home earnings... making it time well spent. 

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