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Frequently asked questions
For ease of reference, a short list of explained related loan terminology can be found at the end of the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. Further specifics about Flexicredit loan may be obtained from HSBC’s related site
Alternatively one may browse through the general site  for any other details required.
What can I buy with a Flexicredit?
·         Our Flexicredit is the ideal solution if you want to borrow a sum of money to purchase a personal item of your choice. You can use a Flexicredit to buy a new or used car, boat, motorbike or caravan. The list is endless.
Can anyone apply?
·         To apply for a Flexicredit you have to be aged 18 or over. However, you need to be receiving a regular income sufficient to support repayments over the whole term of the loan.
How much can I borrow?
·         You need to make sure you can afford the repayments before you commit yourself to a loan. You can use the Budget Planner available on to help you determine your monthly surplus income
How do I repay the loan?
·         You will repay the loan through fixed monthly instalments. The payments are debited directly from a current or savings account held in your name. Your first payment will be effected one month after you take out the Flexicredit loan.
What if I sell my car during the term of the loan?
·         You can sell your vehicle at any time during the term of your loan, but you must continue your repayments or you can choose to clear the outstanding balance in full. Or, you can sell your car and use the money to pay off the rest of the loan, then buy a new car with a new Flexicredit.
How can I apply for a Flexicredit?
·         Applying for a Flexicredit was never so easy. Just click on the following link and you will be routed directly onto the HSBC website. Just complete an online application and we will contact you back within a couple of days.
Loan Related Terminology
Term                                  The specified length of time within which a loan has to be fully
Processing fees               
The initial fees applied to newly granted loans. These are waived
                                            when applying online.
Repayments                     Instalments paid by customers to bank at regular monthly periods
                                            to repay outstanding balance plus interest on loan granted.
Interest                              The interest rate applied by the bank on the sum that is borrowed by
Evidence of Income        Salary slips / Profit and Loss accounts and/or recent Tax Return.
Terms and Conditions    The pre-set terms and conditions agreed upon, on the granting of
Details of other loan products available may also be found through browsing HSBC’s general site Terms and Conditions apply.

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