Where To Buy Your Next Car?

Autotradermalta.com aims to help you search for the best place to buy your next car.

Many believe that buying from an experienced car dealer, importer or authorised agent is the best option.

However some prefer to buy a well looked after vehicle from a private seller. 

Others may prefer buying a manufacture warranty backed used and approved car, the list goes on.

There are many options one has when buying a car.

This article helps you examine a few of these options to help you make a more educated choice.

Buying privately

This is usually the cheapest option, but it really is ’buyer beware’ with a private sale. The seller’s only legal obligation is to describe the car accurately.
You need to watch out for unscrupulous sellers who may try to pretend to be a private seller to off-load sub-standard or stolen cars, although it does not happen too often locally, one should still ask for full paperwork.
But don’t let this put you off. If you are a sensible, and do all the right checks, you may just get a great deal.
Dealers / Importers / Representative Agents
Buying from a dealer means you are given more legal protection. Licensed dealers and importers are legally obliged to sell cars of ’satisfactory quality, which basically means that apart from the usual wear and tear, a used vehicle must be free from defects - except ones pointed out to you and those which should have been uncovered by an inspection (but only if one has been done) - and it must be in a roadworthy condition.
The dealer must also have legal title to the vehicle they are selling and finally the dealer must describe the car accurately, under EU legislation; e.g. a car cannot be advertised as having had one careful owner if it has actually had three.
When buying privately, as long as the car is accurately described, you have no legal comeback if there are faults with the car, so we suggest you check the car thoroughly, even take a mechanic you trust with you to check the vehicle.
Reputable dealers are normally members of trade associations, and be bound by its code of conduct and quality standards e.g. Jevic or VCA for quality or the UVIA Used Vehicle Importers Association or ACIM Association of new car importers Malta for code of conduct.
Some Malta based dealers are also offering comprehensive warranties for 6 months, 1 year and 2 year periods, other new car importers may provide you with warranties as long as 5 years.
Manufacturers’ used approved schemes can take even more risk out of buying a used car. Apart from good sales service and car reliability, you can expect a full car history check, and quite often a free warranty. You can also usually exchange the car you bought form them in the future, but this varies from dealer to dealer.
If you are buying a used and approved vehicle from a local dealer who may have imported the car, you should also check whether the warranty is for an extended period and that it is international thus ensuring you are covered locally. Normally a quality used and verified vehcile comes with a 6 month standard warranty even if it leaves the country of origin, however. many give you the option to extend this warranty for a small charge, which we recommened you also ask for.
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