How To Buy Your Next Car

Are you ready for the next step to buying your car. Our editorial team explains our step-by-step guide to buying your next used, new or quality approved vehicle. From making the right offer to actually viewing and test driving the car.
Searching for your car on
Whether you’re just browsing or you have something specific in mind...Keep an eye out for significantly undervalued items - if it seems too good to be true it probably is.
Contacting the seller
Once you’ve found something you’re interested in, find out some more about it… If the seller hasn’t provided a phone number, be sure and email them questions to make sure they’re a legitimate seller.
If the seller has provided a phone number make sure it works, also check to see the other details the seller has provided are correct. Have some key questions about the item ready to ask the seller to make sure they and their item are genuine.
Find out as much information as you can! The more you know, the better you can make an educated decision.
Inspecting the vehicle
The photos of the item might be fabulous, but nothing is as good as the real thing…
Where possible, arrange to meet at a neutral location like a public place or car park and try to take someone with you when you meet the seller. Before you test drive a car, make sure your insurance (comprehensive!) covers the test drives.
Be wary of sellers asking for a deposit at this stage. If you do choose to put a deposit down make sure you get a receipt stamped with the date & time.
Making a deal
Before you make an offer…
Know your limits when negotiating. What are you willing to pay?
Know the value of an item before you make an offer, research other vehicles of the same category, make, model, edition and mileage. We do not as yet have a published price guide in Malta but you can obtain a substantial amount of information from other offers being made by other private sellers and other local dealership and importers.
Make sure you also complete a mileage check or vehicle history documents to dig up any past issues the seller may have forgotten to fill you in on.
If you are buying your vehicle from a local authroised delaership or importer you may also wish to ask for a local warranty, the majority of dealerships in Malta now provide these starting from six months. Some local dealerships even provide upto 2 year warrantys and some other authorised importeres even give 3 to 5 year warranty’s on new cars. 
Paying the seller
Congratulations on your purchase! Be safe when paying the seller…
Use a method of payment that provides you with proof of purchase like a receipt or email confirmation directly from the provider.
Also ask for a signed receipt with the date and time to confirm payment.
Never send cash in the mail or by money transfer services such as Western Union.


Reporting an advert :
We also encourage you to contact us if you feel the advert being displayed is misleading or you believe is part of a scam. Please send us an email to with the listing refernce number of the link and we will review the listing and try and contact the seller ourselves, generally resulting in blocking the email address of said seller as well as removing his listing or reporting it to local authorities.


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