Preparing Your Car For Viewing

For a committed motorist, there are few things worse than selling a car for less than its worth. Follow these guidelines to avoid the pitfalls and come out of the market with your price met.

Spruce up your car

Any buyer needs to be convinced by the condition of your car. Make sure its running as smoothly as possible before it gets taken on a test drive, and don’t neglect its appearance. After all, if you haven’t bothered to get it tidy for a ‘show and sell’, the buyer will likely believe you’ve been equally careless with the mechanics.

Here’s a list of things to get done before you put a car on the market:

  • An oil change is an inexpensive way of showing the buyer your commitment to proper maintenance.
  • Make sure the other fluids are also flowing. Check the brakes, wiper fluid and distilled coolant and make sure they’re up to scratch.
  • Make sure all lights are in clean and working condition.
  • Make sure your tyres are properly inflated to optimum pressure, and that they haven’t gone bald.
  •  If there’s a component that is negatively and sensibly affecting a car’s handling, identify it and have it fixed or replaced.
  •  Give your car a comprehensive wash. Don’t just give it a mundane scrubbing, clean anything the buyer might decide to inspect. Clean the wheels, lateral panels, bumpers, wheel arches and rims. Minor scratches can be neutralized with off-the-shelf products.
  • Vacuum interior surfaces and nooks, remove all dust. Use low-gloss cleaner to wipe the dashboard and make sure the interior smells fresh.

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