Insurance Claims

If you are involved in a collision with another vehicle, you need to take the following action depending on the severity of the incident:

  • If it is a minor collision, for instance a front-to-rear, all you need to do is complete, together with the other party, the accident report form that you were given when taking out your policy. Move the cars involved if they are blocking traffic in any way before you start filling in the form, otherwise you risk being fined for obstructing traffic flow. It is a good idea to take photos with your mobile phone of the damage caused.
  • If the collision is more substantial and there are no injuries involved you need to call the Traffic Wardens Accident Reporting Service. The wardens normally arrive on site within 30 minutes and will take statements from all parties involved, draw a sketch of the site and take photographs. Make sure you answer in full and give a clear statement of how the accident happened.
  •  If there are injuries or fatalities involved then it is necessary to call an ambulance and the police to the site of the accident.
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