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What to do to sell your car can sound simple to some, however you will be surprised at the number of items you might just want to do to sell your car faster. Have a look at some of our selling tips to get a better idea.
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When selling your car you would preferably want to get paid in cash. The safest way nowadays is through an electronic transfer. Click here to learn about how to make the safest and best deal
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An oil change, clean lights, brakes, wiper fluid, tyres inflated to optimum pressure, a comprehensive interior and exterior wash.....these are just some of many things one should do when selling their car.
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While it’s unwise to put off buyers with excessive paranoia, there are some basic (and completely legitimate) precautions that you can take to ensure the transaction goes through smoothly. If you’re getting paid in solid cash, arrange for the hand-over to occur in a bank. That way you can check the authenticity of the bank-notes, and deposit the funds into your account on the spot. A quicker option is to arrange for an electronic transfer. Cheques of all kinds are a trickier proposition, as some time needs to go by before they are cleared. In any situation, make sure the buyer understands that the keys will not be handed over until the transaction is secured. Also, it is wise to ask for the buyer’s ID information at an early stage to forestall any problems.
A serious buyer will expect to take your car for a spin before commiting to it. Always accompany the buyer on the trial run. Ascertain his/her insurance status, as you might result liable for any damages if the test drive goes awry. Finally, keep the car keys on your person at all times to preclude any foul play. Getting a friend to join you is also a good idea.
For a committed motorist, there are few things worse than selling a car for less than its worth. Follow these guidelines to avoid the pitfalls and come out of the market with your price met.

Spruce up your car

Any buyer needs to be convinced by the condition of your car. Make sure its running as smoothly as possible before it gets taken on a test drive, and don’t neglect its appearance. After all, if you haven’t bothered to get it tidy for a ‘show and sell’, the buyer will likely believe you’ve been equally careless with the mechanics.

Here’s a list of things to get done before you put a car on the market:

An oil change is an inexpensive way of showing the buyer your commitment to proper maintenance.

Make sure the other fluids are also flowing. Check the brakes, wiper fluid and distilled coolant and make sure they’re up to scratch. Make sure all lights are in clean and working condition.

Make sure your tyres are properly inflated to optimum pressure, and that they haven’t gone bald.

If there’s a component that is negatively and sensibly affecting a car’s handling, identify it and have it fixed or replaced.
Give your car a comprehensive wash. Don’t just give it a mundane scrubbing, clean anything the buyer might decide to inspect. Clean the wheels, lateral panels, bumpers, wheel arches and rims. Minor scratches can be neutralized with off-the-shelf products.

Vacuum interior surfaces and nooks, remove all dust. Use low-gloss cleaner to wipe the dashboard and make sure the interior smells fresh.

Selling your car yourself may seem like a cumbersome task. Read a few tips below to help you stay safe and sell your car quickly.

Be aware of fraudsters

Beware of a few criminals out there who pose as potential buyers, so be aware of these scam artists who pose as remote or overseas buyers keen to pay the full amount if you pay a refundable transport fee or some other story as they are rather creative.

Never hand over the keys or log book until they’ve paid in full

If you have agreed a price with a buyer, never ever hand over your keys or car log book until you or your bank confirms the full value has cleared into your account, sometime this may take a while depending on where the buyer is from or his bank is domiciled or licensed. If you are accepting cash try do it at a bank as this way you are much safer even a cheque can be troublesome. Always get full buyers details, copy of id, passport and name and address – just in case you need to chase them up.

Never Lie & Keep the Car Clean

It’s against the law to lie about your vehicle, so be fair and accurate in your advert. The more accurate a picture you paint, the more likely you are to sell your car faster. Always remember to clean your car thoroughly before you let anyone near it this too will leave your potential buyer with a good first impression.

Keep your personal data safe

You need to also keep an eye out for Phishers. This type of scam mainly revolves around extracting or using your personal data. They normally send an email to trick you into giving out private information.

If you do not want to display your private mobile or telephone number or contact details we have created a Number Protect feature. This service is offered at a premium, so call us on 21123456 or send an email to